Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This is a really small project, someone sent me a blank postcard with their address and a stamp on it. I drew on it and sent it off. It was part of some project she was doing for school/uni. Sorry it took me so long to do Sophia! I was thinking of offering some sort of personalised service like this in my SHOP so you guys can get your hands on a totally unique piece of work, I thought something postcard sized would be nice? lemme know what you think on my TWITTER
Yeah that's right ive finally organised an ONLINE SHOPit's taken me long enough eyyy....
In other news since i posted last my friend Kurt is Back and we've been driving round in his BMW listening to this BLOOD BROS. mix. It seriously is everything I love, and I draw a lot to it at the moment it makes me feel more manly in my butt.

Kurt has a skinhead here, I have short hair as this is one of the times i was on a 'sabatical' from uni, AKA drinking too much and lost my mind, I think the photo shows this well. The easy to wear clothes and the distant look in my eyes>? The other friend is Jimmy, hes a little meercat rascal.
Also I was On TV the other day and had an exibtition but more on that later im of to the T shop to work on my motors x

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