Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Yeah its March and I haven't posted much on this for a while. I know it's slack. Right what have I been doing? Past 3 Months I got over my toothache, had it ripped out and was working on a building site for 3 months as commissions have been slow and also I guessed I could work in the morning on the building site and then when i get home about 4.30 I could start drawing work, which worked well as I got laid off last Friday and its already 4.30 now as I write and I've hardly done anything except beat off, and have a bath and eat a pizza and hang with my dog, went for a drive up the town sat in a que, lost my temper and fucked off before i got to the end of the que in the bank. so basically have achieved nothing. Work that I have done recently that I liked was a joint FOALS/FREELANCE WHALES release on Subpop

and then I bought a kart which I'm gunna be racing this year which is my main interest outside of art, I have been quietly working away setting up a little team to run myself, now my house has a massive merc sprinter van outside dominating the driveway and loadsa other racing parafanalia, infact if I didnt have to do art anymore id just ride motorbikes and race but something spurs me on, maybe when I retire I'll just tinker with engines. Here is the bike and one with me and the old man tinkering

I'll put pictures up of the kart racing soon, but here's me when I was younger doing it

Also I had an exhibition with Dave Ma and Blessing Force crew and i had a big party last week, went to the NME awards and was on telly on saturday monring when i woke up with a hangover which was surreal. Here is one of the links to one of many appearances that were made HERE. OK ill put some pics up soon, speak to you soon my daarlingggggs x

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