Friday, 11 March 2011

List a blog about japenese stuff, seems to be a mix between asian porn and general niknaks, sometimes power images occur this is the oxford monocle run by my friend dom who is the most smart and dappar man ive ever seen, has a tash too. its good, hes influenced by shit like this seems to be old fashioned. apparently showcases images that its creator – “Wyatt W.” – imagines death will ‘look like’… literally.

Wyatt explains:

Conceptually, I was thinking about how it’s said that when the spirit departs the body, spectral colors refract inside the skull and countless images flash before one’s eyes: these are the “death rainbows” the title refers to, a reel of images that represent one’s universal life force. And in this sense the project is Reichian… I truly think of the work as a collage of Orgone imagery!

What Wyatt is actually talking about – “images flashing before one’s eyes” just before death – are typical near death experiences, during which (some postulate) a massive amount of dimethyltryptamine is released from one’s pineal glands, causing visual and aural hallucinations, among other effects. Other researchers have different theories.

There's an article about it on THOUGHT CATALOGUE a site usually full of bullcrap but i like this article. I have been working down similar lines on the progession on THE FEAR OF EVERYTHING.

enlarge the black and white one and stare it at its horrid, i used it in BF1 exhibtion

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