Monday, 31 May 2010

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


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Tuesday, 25 May 2010



Mr. Lawrence Williams of Black Berry Cottage, West Cot, was arrested on the 9th May for his suspected part in defacing public property.

Mr. Williams was arrested at his home late Sunday Morning, where police officers found paint spattered clothes, spray cans and graffiti paraphernalia.

Mr. Williams has admitted to the crime of defacing public property, the defendant confessed the crime was meant as a publicity stunt to promote his media website, Lights in the Woods.

The graffiti which was painted on Oxfordshire’s Cowley road, on the broadside of popular chicken restaurant Nando’s early Sunday morning. The graffiti depicted a headless horseman riding beneath the L.I.T.W banner.

With a previous caution by police for a similar offence, early in 2008, the recommended sentence was that Mr. Williams pay £5000 in criminal damages and serve 100 hours of community service. Mr. Williams escaped a custodial sentence because of his work with The Home Farm Trust, a national based charity that supports people with learning disabilities. The defence asked for a lenient sentence because of Mr. Williams’s involvement with charity projects and felt that he could do more good serving the community than serving a prison sentence.

Went to a donkey sanctuary the other day, i like donkeys. Also
been hanging out with pipe, lima and the lightsinthewoods lot been pretty good, trails bbq and drinks max and jib came out on my birthday which was last weekend! got up in the morning was down the trails by 11 has a bbq then went off to tilehurst for a bbq and kayaking!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

VICE 'art' issue

been working on an issue for vice with liz dunno if it will be printed yet but i hope it will be, its about my day to day shit and what i get upto. none of it is faked unlike usual vice shit. this is my friend mark. in his caravan park, i might illustrate over some of the images, got the images today off liz, gotta hand 8 images in tommorrow. nightwolf tonight.

also my friend merlin has put up a cool like visual spunk gate. check it out

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

im on the BBC!

shame i cant show my mum but yeah you should read this for shits and giggles!
bbc let me loose on the mainframe!


This is correct

Gumball 2010 pt.3 - "Total Eclipse" from mike escamilla on Vimeo.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Ive had a very busy weekend, working on bits and bobs, helped the old man with his car on saturday, today i was at the World FIA GT round at silverstone, I helped out CHAD Racing who were running a Ferrari F430. It was a bit of a ballsup and in the end the gearbox fucked up. I took some photos

The my lovely PR manager Laura got me this thing on behalf of Foals which is for a charity called 10,000 hearts i thought what the hell, theyre gettin involved with UK based bands etc and as im the art baron of the foals i dialled in one for them. I dunno how u get hold of them yet but know they will be sold on carnaby st in june!
here's the design

....and tommorrow im getting a megashitbus from oxford to leeds to join foals 2010 world tour! think im just doing the english leg! but keep an eye out for me! im gunna be selling prints and bits and bobs on the stands and anyway! just come say herrooooo!