Thursday, 15 April 2010

tired as fook

ive been working in my pops garage spinning spanners all week and had an insomnia session but i feel good or feel better like hot chip its awesome. today me and scottish mark went on a building site worked the morning fell out with the people their and were like fuck youuuuu
so we went and had a picnic at his caravan....sausages pate brie dips chips.
then went back and worked at the an interview tonight for some magazine.
im gunna become a workaholic alcoholic. and i have a PR stunt/exhibition next week that i gotta get shit ready for.



bitten*nails said...

Gorgeous car! Let's get skinny indeed.

crazed_mellow said...

Dude, atleast pretend to be educated and PUNCTUATE.

Virginia Wolfe said...

punctuation is for the weak

tinhead said...

why dont you try a real sport like knitting!

tinhead said...

i like you blog virginia but i can read it :(

Virginia Wolfe said...

yeah, unfortunatly my writing is better in norwegian.

i like your illustrations.