Wednesday, 14 April 2010

ok some FOALS update

Right so here is what this orient and the bside version will look like, screenshots only sorry.....

Ok and along with this I have done some merch stuff are some designs, hopefully you should be able to buy some from and obviously on their tour which is happening at the moment. im jumping on the bandwagon, literally on the 29th and shud be doing the u.k leg of the tour. rocknrolllllll!!!!!lolololol

ventalation shaft ferocity


emine said...

wow i've only seen the first t-shirt in amsterdam! too bad, i realllllly like the other ones (+ the covers)
keep up the good work
xoxo emine

NiTasha said...

let's talk about how ridiculous you are. and by ridiculous i mean absolutely brilliant. i cannnnnnnt deal with you.

so there's that.