Friday, 19 February 2010

Single and Ready to Mingle

Well, what can I say, I'll level with you. Im a young man 23, live on my own with my parents i'm pretty cool, after listening to some modest rap music I get up. I irritate the dog and put on Dave. Watch some topgear and cook a fry up every morning. With no WOMAN to complain at me for clogging up my arteries. Now make no mistake ladies I'm running a tight ship here, look at the bacon and the line of tomatoes all in line and parrellel to each other. I keep my troops disciplined

I then enjoy with some chips, toast and an egg, and a glass of orange or apple juice depending on what my mum bought for me (not pictured here).

Then for extra protein I have some Protein shake and go to the gym to get to my life long dream of being Arnold Schwarzenneger. Notice how, as I'm a PARTY ANIMAL I buy whey protein, as in, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEYY!!!

Then I get the money, then I get the POWER.
THEN you get the woman.

So ladieeeessss.......

1 comment:

Elizabeth Angela said...

haha! although... once you've got the power you need the creosote, to make your skin chocolate brown!