Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Today my friend Jimmy and his bird Sophie went on a day out to the first motoracing circuit in the world in Brooklands, Weybridge in Surrey. it opened in 1907 after only taking 9months to build and closed in 1939 when the war started. Fucking Germans! There is now a motor museum and aviation museum we got a ride around a part of the track too which was heavily banked and we were in period cars so it was sketchy but fun as hell!


Saturday, 11 April 2009

weird science

a boy has been born with a penis on his back



this is the best thing i ever heard

Friday, 10 April 2009

fucking awesome

i hate wood pushers normally but this is amazing

i dont understand

but i like it!


ive been planning this sculpture for a bit after drawing lots of polygon and isometric roughs after incorporating them into my work for no reason as per usual with my work i thought it would be funny to make something big using my tiling skills maybe hopefully in the future get commissioned to build it. but first i gotta build a mock up right?

so i went to wmcp and sculpture at uni and no technitian would help me one said i should build it out of plaster of paris chicken wire and mesh and then fill it with concrete. the deushbag did not realise that it would be impossible to move something 4ft tall made outa concrete and i want something 6ft ish to begin with. so i am making a frame out of thin mild steel and then im going to tile it with plastic sheet so it will be rigid but very light. i did it my own way after everyone said i could possibly not make it after looking at the plan. and to which i dont know why-its not fucking rocket science. i am surrounded by fucking morons. anyway this is half a days work and i havnt been busting the gut as it were but im gona build a model dustbin sized for now. i dont know how people thought it would be impossible to construct this.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


use your head as a weapon

skins mate! after a drinkin session for a week this is the mess i ended up in