Tuesday, 31 March 2009


class of 1984

New Car Nightmare Weekend

Car handled terrible and the gearbox broke in qualy so didnt even make the race:

"Gearbox woes for the John Clonis/Chris Wright Porsche 996 would keep them from making the start."

Woe woe me!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


been at home, testing the new car, its quick but not too bad, i was expecting to be scared. but wasnt. good news is its in one piece and ive picked up my mac which il set up on monday in brighton so ill be set and have a scanner so i can put images up. great success!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

god knows

2 screenshots

well im pretty useless with computers but ive had a go at putting 2 examples of a homepage for myself together.

Friday, 6 March 2009

we love each other see!

run fatboy run!


I hate Dayson, he is the most annoying housemate in the whole world, hes messy grubby and lazy. But I love him and I am definately not without my faults. Uni would not have been the same without him and we have been best mates since the second week in in first year. Here is a montage of him. Hes also a dab hand on his bmx too.

this is dayson and his new girlfriend, a minature goat.

this is daysons leg after a flip the other day. he has a big big hole in it. u can see white flesh in it.

this is us and all the boys in our house in brighton. very intelligent well mannered young men.

this is daysons dog, this is how i imagine dayson has sex, he once got a girl round halfway through topgun managed to shag her twice and come down and still catch most of the end with me. like a jack russel. doin it for england

I was asked to do some illustrations to go in an article for ridebmx magazine, im friends with quite a few of the guys at the mag and wanted to be part of it so my housemate dayson wrote the article-an a-z on bmx uni life. my mate duncan shot it. and i illustrated it. dunno when its out. but here are some of the drawings i sent em. bit of unorthodox style for me but they wanted life illustrations. and i did em quick cos they needed em quick.

weekend fun

i have £4 in the world to my name atm. so this weekend will be magic. i will probably spend the weekend working on my exam project. im doing it on friedrich neitzche. the best philosofizer that ever lived and went mental and died aged 44. u gota die young to become a legend. he also had syphalis. good boy. im going racing this coming thursday up and down an airfield to test the power and drag co-efficient on my car. im driving a porsche gt3 rsr like this one. only in white cos its a brand spanker.

i see ross braun has bought honda F1. its now called Braun GP. good on him. jensons hangin in there by the skin of his teeth.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

im going to upload some pictures in the next couple of days. cant be bothered right now, just been set my exam project brief and im well knackered. i have a mac now so hopefully ill be able to update more regularly although the fucks delivered it to my home address rather than my uni address after i specifically asked them not to and to deliver it to brighton.

also after thinking id lost my drive and sitting in a pissed off mood for a month we have done a quick last minute deal and will be out on the 28th at silverstone in a brand spanking new porsche gt3 rsr.

radical x