Wednesday, 25 November 2009

william merlin jarrett jarrett : raceplain clothing

Hal Jarrett : the baron unsheathed,volume 12 chapter 17,'from a young age,william was always fascinated with what he liked to call his "baron"-a bizarre nickname he used to have for jewish genitalia and the hindquarters of shrimps

Hal Jarrett : all content written below is drawn from wills autobiography,'the baron unsheathed'coming soon to all good bookshops

Hal Jarrett : This man is unstoppable. You may like to think you have met men like him, but you are very wrong. underestimate him at your peril, loathe him at your leisure, he does not care which you choose.The breed I am talking about has nothing to do with your average sweaty flaccid midriff bearing british male,no the man of whic...h I speak carries himself differently, his eyes pierce through you as if you were a speck of cow muck on his shimmering windscreen.His clothes are immaculate, yet he has no fear of getting his hands dirty when the occasion arises, his face clean yet gritty, truly a mans man none too concerned with his metrosexual fellows whom he dismisses with no backward glance.In all his pursuits he triumphs, for failure will not be tolerated and if his aura could be seen, it would form a billowing cloud of fire and flint clods tearing at his opposition.

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