Saturday, 24 October 2009


oh yeah engine ready!! show coming up soon!!

right now i'm having the exhibition in the frontroom, cambridge which is in the design studio the district.

heres the flyer for the show and blurb for it:

23rd November - January 15th

Tinhead - Le Mulsanne Straight

Having just graduated from Brighton where he studied illustration, Tinhead has already made a name for himself via the record sleeves of Oxford legends Foals. Working mostly with pencils and pens, Tinhead also dabbles in film, photography and in recent months printing. "I am a wizard. I have an obsession with stationary although I use probably 5 % of it. I draw mostly at nightime, like nightwolf."

Drawing from his own personal exprience Tinhead plans to bring motor racing to The Frontroom. Filling it to the brim with old imagery, sounds, videos and typography. Re building and creating moving objects within a haze of maths and physics. "It will be sheer erect drama, penetrated right into the pussy of your living room, it will smell of oil, fuel and exhaust and at times it will be very loud."

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