Thursday, 10 September 2009


ive actually been getting down to some work.
ive been drawing a logo for transgressive records.
its for their 5th birthday!
the designs are 'five' themed
the first is basic with 2 pentagons
the second has pentagons and V's hidden in it V being the roman numeral for 5. wow!
these are unfinished the real ones will be printed on tshirts/tote bags and will be available at 3 shows at the end of the month.

2nd of all ive been continueing work for Kensington, but am having problems gettin shit signed so dunno if anything will materialise from that deal.
And ive been doing FOALS work so we'll see their shud be more shit up in the following weeks i hope.



Emine said...

finally! can't wait to see more

ms. wink said...

I think the second one is very nice. It's very unique.

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