Friday, 6 March 2009


I hate Dayson, he is the most annoying housemate in the whole world, hes messy grubby and lazy. But I love him and I am definately not without my faults. Uni would not have been the same without him and we have been best mates since the second week in in first year. Here is a montage of him. Hes also a dab hand on his bmx too.

this is dayson and his new girlfriend, a minature goat.

this is daysons leg after a flip the other day. he has a big big hole in it. u can see white flesh in it.

this is us and all the boys in our house in brighton. very intelligent well mannered young men.

this is daysons dog, this is how i imagine dayson has sex, he once got a girl round halfway through topgun managed to shag her twice and come down and still catch most of the end with me. like a jack russel. doin it for england