Thursday, 4 September 2008


me in the last race at snetterton, norfolk.
got punted up the arse, had a bit of a blowout that cost another podium! still 2nd overall in the drivers championship though!


have to do a project for uni. titled 'un' or though thats what i think it means.

mite do unbreak my heart by toni braxton. amazing.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


here i am burning rubber ahead of the silverstone 24 hour u can see in the top image that we are just in the top right at the last race at silverstone. im currently looking for 2-3grand sponsorship to do the event. which is cheap considering the whole event cost for the team. ive been offered a cheap drive cos of my good looks and speed i should think, and they want some yung whippersnapper in the car to pedal it round! x

1970s more banana

jet the wonder dog

not much has happened recently, ive been hanging out with my dog jet. hes a black lab and his favourite food is banana. oxford football team also look like bananas.
i hope he eats them