Thursday, 24 July 2008


basically i went racing friday and saturday last week. came 5th which wasnt too bad considering my team mate was knocked off and when it was my turn to drive after about 30mins in the car i get a call on the radio that i have to pit cos the car is on fire! so that sucked. then i just got drunk in a caravan with some mates for a coupla days. with an ex binman called scottish mark. hes now a trailer trash victim!

i missed work so i dunno if ive been sacked but i was shooting the next foals vid olympic airways this tuesday that went well and i should be in it. innit. as i was head extra apparantly. i was fashionably late cos i got lost in the doomed rabbit warren of staines. bruv.

foals got in a bit of a fight with the sex pistols:

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Khalilah said...

ooh i'll be excited to see the vid, its pretty much my fave foals song actually haha